Every Monday at 9 a.m., the candlepins are set inside the Big 20 Bowling Center, ready for the Saint John's Ladies Bowling League.

Scoring a 90 in candlepin bowling is considered novice level. But bowling when you’re in your 90s? That takes years of experience.

In fact, seven of the Saint John's ladies belong to this 90s club: Babara Paps, 90; Mabel Landry, 91; Florence “Sis” Cairns, 92; Lucy Rea, 93; Frances Smith, 95; Ginny Williams, 96; and Innez Kierstead, 97.

Most of these women have been playing in the league longer than many millennials have been alive.

“Most of us are here for a good time,” Cairns said. “There are some that really would like to win every time.”

Big 20 co-owner Rick Jones recently threw a joint birthday party for the lucky seven. He said that, after more than a decade of Monday morning bowling, the spunky seniors feel like family.

“Into their 90s and still loving life and doing what they want to do," Sis Jones said. "So, if that doesn't keep you young, I don't know what would.”

The ladies say they're thankful to still be able to do a lot of things on the edge of 100 like driving and living alone, but are still aware of their limitations. However, bowling isn't one them.

As Lucy Rea puts it, “I think if I walk with a cane, I'll still come and bowl.”