Today's One Good Thing took something ugly and turned it into something beautiful. It took something that was a symbol of hate and turned into a symbol of love.

Two weeks ago, a noose was found hanging at a Muskegon playground. It got a lot of attention for obvious reasons. A few people decided to do something about that.

These are pictures of the Glenside Early Childhood Center playground from Lori Crandall Vicker's Facebook page. Instead of a noose, there are now friendship bracelets, as the author says, 'hung with love. There's a sign too, which reads, " Kids, these friendship bracelets were made just for you! Please choose your favorite one to keep."

Lori is asking for help to make these pictures go viral - even more so than what was there before them.

For replacing hate with love, anyone and everyone who helped put those friendship bracelets up gets today's One Good Thing. Lori, thanks for making that post. And, big thanks to Shannon Donley for sending me that on my Facebook page.

If you have a One Good Thing you'd like to submit - someone or something that makes West Michigan a good place to live - email me at