Lori Hastings was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when she was 12 years old. So, she's lived most of her life with the condition. She and her husband, Dave, know first-hand how expensive a disability can be. So, in 2012, they started the non-profit, "Lori's Voice."

We recently had Lori on 'My West Michigan.'

They help pay for a number of items and activities with the money they raise. Wheelchair van lifts, specialty camps, specialize walkers, simple checkups families may have a hard time paying for. There are literally dozens of afflictions people may have with which they can help.

And, looking at their website, they are working their butts off. They regularly have different events going, including one in which they raised $50,000, and a barn dance coming up in September.

For starting a non-profit - one in which no one takes a salary, by the way - to help a ton of people who genuinely need it, Lori's Voice gets today's One Good Thing.

If you'd like to know more about Lori's Voice, head to their Facebook page or their website.

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