If we're all honest, we could all use a superhero once in a while. Maybe not to "save the day." But, at least, to "make our day" to make us smile. Especially our kids. Just so happens, there's a group of superheros for hire in West Michigan for just that very purpose.

The Cosplay Crusaders is a volunteer group of friends who donate their time at different events and places. Mary Free Bed. Helen DeVos Children's Hospital. Cancer awareness fundraisers. School events. They get to know the kids and their families. Play games, hand out gifts. In general, they're there lift some spirits, be a friend and/or an inspiration.

They started with one couple who dressed up for 'superhero night' at a Griffins hockey game. At that game, one young boy thought he was seeing the real Spider-Man. That's when - they say - they discovered the power of superhero costumes.

They make no money. If anyone wants to pay them, they always suggest a charitable donation in their name. They say they get paid with the smiles, laughs and hugs they get from the kids and families they serve. Easy to see why the Cosplay Crusaders get today's One Good Thing. And, again, they are for hire. If you'd like to get a hold of the, go to their Facebook page.

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