You might think that flea and tick season is over... but experts warn, it's not.

"My experience is it's the worst time of year for fleas", says Dr. Chris Cook, Veterinarian and Dermatologist at Blue Pearl Animal Hospital in Grand Rapids. He says the tiny pests are active during the fall. If you're pet has recently been affected by them, it could be because of improper application. “None of major medications that they've looked at have shown any significant evidence of resistance in the flea population."

Dr. Cook says it's best to get a quality treatment and apply it to the back of the neck. If it's a larger dog, put some of it on its back too.

If you think your pet does have fleas, in addition to the application, you should also treat your home. Fleas can live inside all year round. "I would not consider it end of season until we have snow for two days in a row”, says Dr. Cook.