One potential winner in the U.S. presidential election? The tiny country of Slovenia, Melania Trump's native land.

The official Slovenia tourist site has already added a link on its home page to information about the city of Sevnica, "birthplace of USA's future first lady."

Trump will be the first foreign-born first lady in 191 years -- the last was Louisa Adams, the English-born wife of President John Quincy Adams.

Slovenia is tucked into south central Europe just southeast of Austria. A stunning nation of mountain, lakes, caves and waterfalls, it is anticipating new interest from travelers who want to learn more.

The capital of the nation is Ljubljana, with its famous Ljubljana Castle. Lake Bled and the Alps provide the most scenic wonders. The Postojna Cave, and other caves, dot the landscape. Slovenia is slightly larger than Connecticut.

The nation is a few hours' drive or train ride from Vienna, Venice and Zagreb (Croatia). You also can fly nonstop from Detroit to Munich, Paris or Amsterdam then on to Slovenia by air. It also is often on the itinerary of Central and Eastern European tours.

Trump speaks four languages: Slovenian, English, French and German.

Bled - Imago Paradisi Slovenia posted by Bled Tourist Board (via YouTube)