It's summer and that makes it easy to get dehydrated in the heat!

Here are five of the top hydrating drinks after water:

Milk - Researchers found that drinking milk keeps you hydrated for four hours post workout.

Tea and Coffee - They have caffeine which can be slightly dehydrating. But they can also keep you hydrated for nearly 4 hours.

Juice - It's about 85 percent water. However, it’s high in sugar which can dehydrate. If you can dilute it with water or sparkling water you’re going to get better hydration.

Beer - Yes, it actually has hydrating qualities! But, this is a bit of trick in that the craft beers, with the exception of Founders All Day IPA which gets high marks, aren't very hydrating because they have a higher alcohol contents. Stick with your light beers.

Sports Drinks - However they are high in sugar and sodium which these other drinks aren't read the label before you drink them.

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