Many of us are still pretty stoked about the news that drinking coffee can make you live longer and lower your risk of cancer. But, it’s safe to say the health trends about coffee flip flop as fast as our cups go dry.

Here’s a look back at the health history of coffee through the centuries.

Coffee was allegedly discovered in the 1500’s by an Ethiopian goat herder who witnessed his goats eating the coffee beans and then suddenly getting frisky!

In the 1600’s the medical community in England claimed it was a cure of alcoholism. Since the water wasn’t safe to drink many turned to coffee for their morning after beverage.

In the 1700’s the claim was that coffee makes you work harder. After the Boston Tea party, the American colonists began drinking coffee and claim the stimulant helped them work longer hours.

The headline in the 1800’s claimed coffee would make you go blind. This came about from coffee shortages during the civil war and competitors vying for customers.

In the 1970’s two studies found that drinking one to five cups of coffee a day could increase your risk of a heart attack by 60 percent.

In the 2000’s you saw studies all over the board claiming coffee decreases cancer, increases cancer, lowers heart disease risk, increases lung disease and now in 2017 coffee is practically touted as a health food with the latest study saying coffee helps you live longer.

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