There’s another new health trend on it’s way to the U.S. from Sweden and it might seem a little depressing -- death cleaning.

The Scandinavian cleaning ritual known as dostadning, literally means cleaning after death. It’s a way to declutter your life, so your loved ones aren’t left to do it after you die.

Here are a few things you can start with now:

1. Give away a few nice things that you don't want.
2. Narrow things down to a box of things that only matter to you.
3. Don't collect things you don't want.
4. Do Spring cleaning and fall cleaning and discard things you haven't used in a year.
5. And try parting with things that you might have some attachment to but don't really use.

There is a good chance you're holding onto to one thing that is very sentimental to you, however, it doesn't get used. When you come across it, you look at it fondly and remember that part of your life. Then put it back on the shelf or in the box where it lives, growing dusty each year.

The next time that happens, try parting with it. The more often you do, the easier it will be if you continue to practice death cleaning.

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