If you're heading into your last few days of vacation -- you don't have to dread heading back to work on Monday. There is a way for you to bring those vacation vibes back to work.

A little bit of planning can help ease you back into your routine.

Dr. Jaime Kurtz wrote The Happy Traveler: Unpacking the secrets to Better Vacations ($20, amazon.com) and she offers the following tips to bring your good vacation vibes back to the office with you.

Come back early. Either a day early or earlier in the day instead of waiting until the evening. This gives you time to unpack, get lunch together for the next day, do a bit of grocery shopping, decide what you're going to wear the next day and maybe start prioritizing your emails so when that alarm goes off you feel prepared.

Ease back into your schedule. Don't book that 6 a.m. workout or 8 a.m. meeting or lunch date. The idea is to ease back into the groove or the grind which ever you prefer.

Have something to look forward to. Think of this as your reward for getting through that first day. Is it going to be a bath and early to bed? Chilling on the deck with a glass of wine? Whatever it might be to visualize getting to the end of your day and being happy.

Some people come back from vacation totally refreshed and ready to jump back in but for those of us who find it exhausting take things slow and make sure to get enough sleep. It will help you get back on schedule.

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