With temperatures expected below zero in the days to come -- we've been talking a lot about frostbite. However, what you are more likely to get in these conditions is frost nip, a milder form that doesn't cause permanent damage but it still should not be taken lightly.

Here's what you need to know:

1. Kids are most at risk because they lose heat faster.

2. Look for redness and scaling on the cheeks, ears, nose, fingers and toes.

3. Never rub or massage the affected area.

4. Use a warm towel or soak the area in water between 100 and 105 degrees until feeling returns. The skin may be sensitive even sting for a few days but it will return to normal.

Here are a few other interesting things that happen to your body in extreme cold.

You shiver because it's your body's way of generating heat. Your nose runs because extra blood is sent to warm up the cold air on its way to your lungs. And you have to pee. It's not all in your mind. When your body is cold it tries to reduce the volume of blood in your body so it can circulate it with less energy it does this by removing water from your blood, which makes you pee.

Wear at least three layers when you bundle up, keep moving while you're outside to generate heat and when that stops working, head back inside to warm up.

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