When it comes to your health insurance one of the most common costs is childbirth.

In fact, 85% of American women have given birth by the time they reach their mid-40's. According to the International Federation of Health Plans, American women pay more than double to have a baby than any other country in the world.

But how much is it costing you? It may not surprise you that is varies from state to state.

The non-profit Fair Health keeps track of these types of health expenses. Michigan has some of the lowest costs. It ranks 37th for vaginal births at of $5,868 and 39th for C-section at $8,533.

Alaska which has the highest rates for childbirth at $10,413 for vagina births and $14,528 for C-sections. Fair Health says that’s largely because much of Alaska it so remote. The highest state for births in the lower 50 states is New Jersey at $9,302 for vaginal births and $13,300 for C-sections.

Your costs are based on a percentage of your insurer's negotiated rate because there are regulatory differences in each state as well as price variability within each state -- and depends on whether or not you've met your out of pocket deductible for the year.

Your insurance should include all your prenatal visits, your obstetrician’s delivery fee, the hospital fee and the anesthesiologist’s fee.

But in most cases, it doesn't include the cost of caring for your newborn while in the hospital.

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