Everyone has something they're afraid of, fear is programmed into our nervous system as part of our survival instincts.

But when that fear becomes so intense you can’t function, then you have a phobia.

Researchers have discovered that phobias are a genetic condition and may be getting lose to finding which gene causes them.

Trypophobia has become one of the most researched topics since this new season of American Horror Story: The Cult started. It’s the fear of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps.

Psychologists don’t know the exact cause for people having trypophobia but some researchers believe the root of this disorder is based in disgust and disease avoidance.

When people with this phobia see these types of images it makes their heart race, they feel sick, and start to panic.

This season of American Horror story has triggered trypophobia in so many people, many who didn’t know they had it, that a Facebook support group has been created.

Click here to view more images of trypophobia.

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