It's safe to say not many of can make it through the morning without our favorite cup of Joe.

There are so many studies touting the health benefits of drinking coffee, so what’s one more?

In the debate between light or dark roasted coffee, researchers wanted to know if there was a difference when it came to the different types of roasts.

They discovered light roasted coffee has more benefits -- and it has to do with the anti-oxidant chlorogenic acid.
This particular anti-oxidant protects against inflammation and cell damage. It was found in higher amounts in the light roasted coffee beans.

There's an oxidation process that occurs when roasting coffee beans. The longer you roast them the more they are exposed to oxygen. It’s that oxidation that reduces the amount of chlorogenic acid.

The good news is that it doesn't seem to affect the caffeine. Both light and dark roasts have the same amount of caffeine.

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