What's in your fridge? Probably a few things that don't need to be refrigerated.

Your refrigerator is a great appliance for keeping foods fresh and bacteria free but not all of our fresh foods like the chill.

You don't need to keep onions in the fridge unless they are chopped -- then they are only good for seven days.

Tomatoes lose their taste and get watery after a night in the fridge. Keep them on the counter, stem side down and they can last up to two weeks depending on how ripe they were when you bought them.

Coffee is kind of like baking soda in that it absorbs all of the odors in your fridge. So, if you want great tasting coffee, keep it in an air tight container on the counter or in your cupboard.

Putting green bananas in the fridge interrupts the ripening process so they'll never ripen. However, once they do ripen to where you like them, then put them in the fridge to keep them at that sweet spot. You'll need to eat them in two to three days or they’ll turn brown.

Fresh basil hates chilly temperatures, so it will wilt after just one night in the fridge. And, it causes other leafy greens to wilt. Tossing this in the produce drawer with other lettuces will ruin them. You should keep fresh basil in a jar of water on the counter just like cut flowers.

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