Michigan's vaccination rates remain one of the lowest in the country. Now the state's Health and Human Services Department is hoping their new campaign and website ivaccinate.org will help to change that.

The campaign ivaccinate is designed to reach out to parents and hopefully answer all of their questions about immunizations. The website features facts, videos of parents who were undecided about vaccinations and resources for parents to get answers to the questions they may have about immunizing their child.

One of the reasons why the Department developed the ivaccinate campaign is because Michigan has the 7th lowest immunization rate in the country. And the growing concerns about childhood diseases that health officials are beginning to see again.

In 2016 we had pockets of chicken pox outbreaks, over 400 cases of whooping cough with some children dying and also an increase in mumps cases not just in Michigan but around the country. And if you are traveling and your child isn't vaccinated they are at risk.

Dr. Eden Wells the Chief Medical Director of Michigan’s Health and Human Services Department says the ivaccinate campaign is also designed to reach those parents who may not want to vaccinate their children, "I think it's important to note that we can't force information on to people who are not willing to hear it. But this is where I think it becomes really powerful where you have parents talking to parents. Moms who have suffered the loss and even thought through the idea of vaccination talking to another mom. Or a dad talking to another dad. That makes this campaign I think a lot more powerful than many of the other campaigns we've been involved with over the last couple years. That's why we're really proud and feel it's a very powerful one."