You thought Halloween was over, didn't you? But now you are left with the after math -- all the loot your kids brought home.

It's tough to resist sneaking a piece, or two, or even three; but, how do you stop yourself?

Here are three tips that can help.

  1. Keep the candy up in a tall cupboard. It's the out-of-sight, out-of-mind theory. If you have to make the extra effort to reach for it you may not open that cupboard as often.
  2. If you're at work, put candy in colored bowl. A study found that if you put candy in a clear bowl you ate about two more pieces when candy was in a colored bowl.
  3. Eat with your non-dominant hand. Open and eat a piece of with your non-dominant hand. This makes you think more about what you're doing and therefore eat slower. Eating slower gives your body time to enjoy the experience of eating candy and therefore you don't eat as much.

If you don’t think any of these would help then maybe this scary tidbit will: You can actually die from eating too much candy. If you consume more than 5-and-a-half pounds of candy in one sitting it will cause your organs to shut down from trying to process the sugar.

For more information about stay away from unnecessary sweets, click here.

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