Everyone needs something that makes them feel a little cozy once in a while. Some believe adding more coziness to your life can make you happier and less stressed.

This new health craze is called "hygge" -- pronounced HOO-GUH. The literal translation is, "the ultimate feeling of coziness and relaxation."

The latest trend making its way from Demark, the happiest country in the world, to the United States.

The theory is that you create a cozy, safe place for you to retreat from the world. It's not about the things so much as the feeling they give us.

For me, it's the cozy deck I created for my husband and I to hang out on. When the lights are on and it's just us, I feel safe and comfortable and I don’t want to be anywhere else.

Hygge can be food, clothes, a fireplace -- it's more about the mood you are creating and experiencing.

By creating these experiences as often as you can throughout the day every day, the happier and less stressed you'll feel. And that in turn helps lower blood pressure and helps you sleep better.

So, you might think -- how can I do this at work?

I put this light on my desk to deflect the harsh fluorescent lights. It gives me that cozy feeling throughout the day.

Danish author Meik Wiking who wrote "The Little Book of Hygge" created an easy to follow manifesto for Hygge.

There are 10 steps which include set the mood -- no cell phones... be grateful... get comfy.

Hygge is about intentionally setting out to create experiences that give you that cozy content feeling and living it every day -- and by doing that you'll improve your mental and physical health.

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