It's the holiday weekend and if you are afraid that the conversation may turn to the uncomfortable topic of politics fear no more. Here’s a topic that's sure to serve up a good distraction!

Did you know that in 500 years humans will no longer have toes?

At least according to our friend Charles Darwin who didn't stop with his evolution after we transformed from apes.

Darwin believes in 500 years we will no longer have the following body parts:

Toes. They used to be what kept our balance. But we have since moved towards the side of our big toe making our toes useless.

The folded par at the top of your ear. It used to be bigger and used to pick up distant sounds which we no longer need to do.

Body hair which even now really serves no purpose.

The palmaris muscle. Make a fist and then slightly curl it forward. See that muscle that sticks out?

Used to be used for climbing trees which we no longer do.

It's already being phased out. 11% of us ready don't have it.

And Goose bumps. They used to be what helped us puff up our hair to make us bigger and scare off enemies but we no longer do that.

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