Oh bread! It's a love hate relationship -- not to mention the constant decision that surrounds it: white or wheat?

But, you may not have to struggle any more.

Nutritionists commonly recommend whole wheat bread over white bread, mostly because it has more fiber. But in a study by the Weizmann Institute, researchers found that bread is not a one size fits all food.

For a two week period, they had one group eat processed white bread and one group eat whole wheat sour dough. Then they switched.

They measured glucose, fat and cholesterol. What they found was there were no clinically significant differences between the two types of bread.

But what they did find is that people have different glycemic responses to foods. Some participants actually had higher glucose levels with wheat bread and some had lower levels with white bread based on their microbiomes which are the microorganisms in your gut that protect against germs and breakdown food.

Researchers say this difference points to a change in food labels from one size fits all to more individualized labels.

But nutritional experts still say wheat is the winner because it has more fiber and therefore you'll eat less of it.

When buying wheat bread you want to make sure you can actually see the grains in the bread.

And here's one little trick -- check with your local grocer to see if they make their own bread daily, some do. And also don't forget you can buy fresh bread at your local farmers market.

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