They are beautiful, and forever young. Something many would try anything to be -- even if it means using their own blood.

The Vampire Facelift hit Hollywood a few years ago, Kim Kardashian created a social media stir when she posted a picture of herself covered in her own blood.

Now, it's available in West Michigan.

The procedure claims to reduce wrinkles and turn back time.

Dr. Andrey Lutskovsky has been using the technique for several years, “Little wrinkles disappear and skin gets thicker and you can touch it and feel the difference."

Here's how it works: a few vials of blood are taken and then spun down in a centrifuge dividing the blood into fat, plasma and red blood cells. Then Dr. Andre collects the plasma which contains platelets that are the soul of the vampire facelift.

"Platelets carry growth factors very important for skin rejuvenation which triggers production of new collagen," he said.

During the hour long procedure, platelets are smoothed on the skin and then inserted back into the face a few millimeters deep with tiny needles. The relatively painless procedure is done over the entire face and neck.

"Making it younger, get rid of tiny wrinkles. Yeah it's good stuff."

Over the years, Dr. Lutskovsky has perfected his technique so that there is very little blood and less discomfort and downtime for patients, but he says the results are the same. "Sometime it's dramatic, sometime it's just a little bit."

You should be able to see the full results in about two weeks.

"I think it's a wonderful alternative to surgical facelift," said Elina Fedetova. She is the President of the Association of Holistic Skincare Practitioners and owner of Elina Organics in Kalamazoo where Dr. Andre performs the facials.

"I believe our body has the ability to heal and rejuvenate itself," Fedetova continued.

Dr. Lutskovsky says injecting your body with your own platelets is natural, "Fat and blood I take from you, it's all your own so there's no rejection. After all, what could be more natural than a vampire facial?"

In order to get the full benefit of the Vampire Facelift it's recommended that you have several done in a row. The effects last about a year.

There are no documented side effects from the procedure. In fact, most dermatology organizations support its claims.

The Vampire Facelift will set you back about $400. Keep in mind, you will need to maintain the facelift which could mean another procedure every six months to a year.