Helping others and making the community a better place can be very rewarding for people of all ages. For older adults, volunteering provides social opportunities, the ability to give back to the community, an active lifestyle, and meaningful engagement.

It provides social opportunities:

  • Meet people with a similar passion and dedication for an organization.
  • Avoid social isolation and loneliness, common issues for seniors.
  • Allows for seniors to share their skills, experience, and wisdom.

It can help you maintain an active physical and mental lifestyle:

  • Creates a sense of happiness, while decreasing stress and anxiety
  • Provides that “good feeling” of knowing a good deed was done
  • May encourage seniors to partake in physical activity or use a skill that requires motion. For instance, being part of an assembly line that packs lunches for kids, or visiting those who are ill

Volunteering can also create meaningful community engagement:

  • Provides seniors with a meaningful role, and a sense of purpose in life
  • Helps raise confidence, self-esteem, and offer a sense of belonging
  • Creates a sense of accountability that many may miss after years of working

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