After sitting idle for more than two years, a biodigester in Fremont is open again under new ownership and management.

The new owner is San Francisco-based Generate Capital Inc., which focuses on waste-to-energy products. Generate Capital also partnered with Dynamic Systems Management LLC (DSM) to manage the facility.

DSM is based in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and operates similar facilities in Wisconsin and Indiana. Under their operation, the Fremont plant will run 24/7 and have the capacity to handle approximately 450 tons, or 120 gallons of organic waste, per day.

The new owners also invested in upgrades for the facility. The plant now comes equipped with controls for improved monitoring, depackaging equipment and measures to minimize odors. The plant will follow a strict digestion management plan approved by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to ensure the full lifecycle of the waste is accounted for.

“We are working with nearby food processors and agribusinesses to help divert thousands of tons of waste from landfills,” said Daniel Meccariello, COO for DSM. “We will be able to accept and process just about any type of organic material and turn it into an immediately usable, environmentally friendly form of energy for local families.”

The Fremont Regional Digester was closed in 2015 after the previous owner, NOVI Energy, failed to cover its upfront costs. Going forward, the plant will have two revenue sources, the energy it sells to Consumers Energy and tipping fees collected from waste producers.

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