When parents of prospective students go on college tours or talk to recruiters, one of the first things they ask is, “How will your school help my kid get a job?”

Grand Rapids-based Calvin College is launching a new program this fall that aims to answer that question.

Calvin LifeWork is an opt-in, co-curricular program that will take students from their first through final years in college, addressing four main areas: vocation, career readiness, financial literacy and life skills, and leadership development.

Michael Le Roy, Calvin College president, said the program, which is included with tuition, launches for freshmen this fall.

“Many of our incoming students cite this program as the reason they have chosen Calvin,” he said.

TaRita Johnson, director of Calvin’s Career Center, will oversee LifeWork. She said students were asked during the enrollment process if they would like to try it.

“As with all of the students admitted to Calvin, there’s a system they go through called Slate, and they can check the box if they’re interested in Calvin LifeWork,” she said. “If they say they are interested, we automatically enroll them, and once they get on campus, they can activate their enrollment.”

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