Nearly three-fourths of the way into its annual Fall Food Drive, Mel Trotter Ministries announced it was 40,000 pounds short of its 50,000-pound collection goal.

Abbey Sladick, director of communication for Mel Trotter, said possible factors for the shortage might have to do with warmer fall weather.

She said more donations tend to come in when the weather turns cold and people are thinking more about how homeless and food insecure people are faring.

She also said Mel Trotter made changes this year to its marketing campaign, which may have had an impact.

She said previously, the organization has had a significant response to its direct mail campaign, but this year, Mel Trotter decreased its paper advertising and increased its digital marketing and social media efforts based on feedback it received. That may have dampened the response.

“We have an older generation of donors who have been faithful to us,” she said. “It’s a balance between direct mail marketing and online.”

Last year during the same time period and with the same goal, Mel Trotter brought in 53,000 pounds in food donations.

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