A new report from Longwoods International found the Pure Michigan advertising campaign is responsible for $1.5 billion in spending around the state, as well as 5 million trips to Michigan during 2016.

The campaign continued to see a positive return on investment of $8.33 per dollar spent in 2016.

In 2016, the state invested $12.9 million in the out-of-state Pure Michigan advertising campaign in regional markets and the national cable advertising campaign, while out-of-state visitor spending motivated by the campaign generated $107 million in state tax revenue.

The cumulative return on investment for the campaign since 2006 is $5.49 per dollar spent with nearly $9.5 billion in visitor spending and $664 million in state tax revenue generated over the course of the campaign.

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the government entity responsible for marketing Michigan, hired Longwoods International of Canada once again to compile the report.

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