Maybe the old adage of 'too good to be true' still rings true.

CloudPets, teddy bears with an internet-connected microphone built into the toys, reportedly exposed over 2 million voice messages sent and recorded between parents and children to an unknown number of online hackers, reports Mashable. According to the tech blog, the parent company of Cloud Pets, Spiral Toys, was allegedly notified on multiple occasions that customers' personal data was being spread around online, but proper action was never taken.

Sometime in early January, hackers reportedly breached customer emails and passwords from a CloudPets database, according to Motherboard. The hackers were able to guess many of the customer's passwords due to the lack of a password strength requirement for CloudPets accounts.

Although an official number of exposed accounts has not been announced, security researcher Troy Hunt said he believes up to 820,000 accounts may be at risk.

Spiral Toys has yet to issue a statement regarding the claims.