If you still plan to return those unwanted gifts from the holidays, there is good news.

Retailers are making it easier for you to get a refund.

January 3rd is National Returns Day; the day that UPS has its most returns of the year.

According to deals and coupons website Offers.com, nearly two thirds of people return at least one holiday gift. "Each year we see retailers creating more lenient return policies to help customers out and provide the best service", says Carson Yarbrough.

With so many retailers out there, ciphering through all the different return policies can be tricky.

Having a receipt highly increases your chances of returning your item at a difficult retailer. But, if you don't have one, there are other options.

"A lot of retailers are offering different ways to look up the return from other information besides the receipt., Yarbrough said. "Target, Amazon, and Walmart all allow you to provide the senders address or order number so they can process your return that way."

If an item is defective and the store says it can't give you a refund, don't take no for an answer. "There are laws that protect consumers. The store has to take it back if its defective," Yarbrough explained.

Call or e-mail corporate headquarters -- chances are, the retailer will want to keep your business and either give you a refund on the product or send you a new one.

Offers.com has created a comprehensive list of over 100 retailers' return and extended holiday return policies for 2017 and 2018.

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