One of the nations biggest gas station chains is apologizing to its customers after extra money was taken out of their accounts -- a viewer contacted us asking for help.

The Caledonia woman noticed extra money on hold, $100, above the cost of her gas. Turns out, she's not alone. Several people took to social media today, and flooded the company with calls, complaining about the new program

Speedway gas stations across the country implemented a new program. One that customers, like Crystal Crites, didn't like.

"I had checked my account, to see what I had just enough to put in 25 dollars," Crites said. She came to the Caledonia Speedway on M-37 and paid at the pump.

"Before I even pulled away from Speedway, my account was charged an extra 100 on top of the 25," she said. Crites immediately got an over-draft notice. She called the gas station to find out what was going on.

"Speedway told me it would be re-issued to my account and hold would be taken off within 3 hours. It's 24 hours, and it's still on hold," she said.

Customers flooded Speedway corporate headquarters with phone calls there were also complaints on Speedway's Facebook page.

On Friday, Crystal got another message from the company.

"Since the program is not working as intended we have backed out of system change," she said.

We got a similar response.

A spokesperson told us, "The program has not worked as it was marketed to us by Visa so we have backed out of the system change as of Thursday afternoon. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused some of our customers."

This is something that other gas stations already do but often times, it's just $1.

The way to avoid it entirely, is to pay cash or debit, inside the store.