In my continued quest to save you as much cash as humanly possible, today we remove toxic chemicals from your home while saving you time and money.

Rated as "The Best Scrubber" by Real Simple Magazine and a top-reviewed product on Amazon (although I found a lower price than Amazon), today $25 does the trick.

Replace the many toxic and costly products under your sink with a better cleaning and savings solution. Just add water to the high-tech E-cloth to give your home the best clean it's ever had, while still killing bacteria! Clean:

- Glass
- iPads and phones
- Stainless steel
- Appliances
- Granite (not Matt)
- Tile
- Sinks
- Toilets
- Wood and furniture
- Leather
- Upholstery

Bacteria Removal:
Clinical testing done by the internationally accredited Silliker Group has proven the E-Cloth removes 99% of bacteria including E. coli and Listeria using just water.

Safer for Your Family:
Household cleaners are the largest category of substances associated with calls to poison control centers.

Better for the Environment:
Reduces the amount of consumer waste that is being produced while you clean. In six years, how many paper towels, wipes, spray cans and bottles will you go through?

The Savings:
The E-Cloth has a 300 Machine Wash Guarantee. If washed weekly, that's almost 6 years of cleaning - easily saving thousands of dollars on paper towels, dust rags, dusting spray, sponges, Windex, anti-bacterial kitchen clean, bleach and more.

$12 Off E-Cloth SIX PIECE Cleaning Kit + Free Delivery
Was: $37.00
Now: $24.99

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