In my continued quest to find you the best deals, tech and apps, today you can share a screen with your favorite performer and also discover great music for free.

I give full credit to Live.Me and rising YouTube star AlexisOfficial. I found her performing a cover of "Say Something" with the lead singer of "A Great BIg World" and I couldn't figure out how they were sharing the same screen.

After some social media schooling from Alexis, I learned about Smule: a free app that allows you to perform screen-sharing duets with anyone from Lukas Graham to Selena Gomez. You can browse music by genre or search for a favorite track.

Think of this as Spotify meets Skype or Facetime meets Pandora. Either way, you can't beat free entertainment.

If you prefer to discover great music rather than perform it, Smule on an Apple or Android device quickly becomes your own personal jukebox.

A huge thank you to the very talented AlexisOfficial for sharing her awesome talent with us.
Her YouTube page is right here and Instagram fans can click here.

You can check out Smule right here.

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