Streetlights were just installed on Thursday and Friday on 48th Avenue near Grand Valley State, and now students say they can walk a little bit easier down the street.

"Because you can see what's going on in the streets and who is walking through here and what's going on and I actually see more cops standing around the lights," sophomore Jackie Ortiz said.

The new street lighting comes after recent reports of sexual assaults off campus.

"I shouldn't be afraid to walk out of my apartment at night," sophomore Kaylee Larson said.

Consumer's Energy said the "cobra style" lights are in an effort to keep the public safe.

"We actually like hold hands walking from our apartment to our car," Ortiz said.

"What sucks is that I have groups off campus that are like 'meet us here at nine,' and I can't go because I'm like I can't walk alone and I'm not going to make my roommates go to an hour long meeting for me to go somewhere," Larson said.

Larson said her parents who are states away, were concerned.

"I have received text messages from my mom and my dad like please walk with groups, don't do anything alone," Larson said.
While these specific lights are temporary, Consumer's Energy said they are working with Allendale Charter Township on a permanent streetlight plan for this area.

"I texted my mom and I said, 'I know there's been a lot of sexual assault but they put lights up so they're doing something about the problem,'" Larson said.

As far as on campus safety measures, Larson said she'd like to see those emergency blue lights installed, GVSU staff said they are looking into those as well as other options to continue to keep their students safe.