A week until the presidential election and famous friends of the candidates are trying to use their popularity to influence voters.

Monday, Oct. 31, singer and actress Cher was in East Lansing to lead a Hillary Clinton rally at Michigan State University. She told the crowd of mostly millennials, a Donald Trump presidency would be a disaster for the country.

“His character traits are the worst I’ve ever seen,” she said. “If there is a Supreme Court he picked we will go so far backwards. There are so many things that can go wrong if he becomes president.”

Although she looks and acts much younger, Cher is now 70. She says she has lived under 11 presidents, and she wants Hillary to be number 12.

“The reason I’m here, of course, is to beg you and cajole you and from my heart tell you it’s important for me that Hillary is President because I want to see you have a better life. I don’t want you to have the life Donald Trump would give you.”

Cher has a height of her fame in the 70’s and 80’s, but she is still a “one name” celebrity and the crowd welcomed her with cheers and a standing ovation.

“Cher is wonderful,“ said John Esser. “I came mainly to hear about Hillary but Cher is an added bonus.”

“She is such an activist,” added Deshaun Snead. “She sent so many bottles of water to Flint and I just want to thank her for that and for being concerned about us in Michigan.”

Cher also led Clinton rallies in Kalamazoo and Flint Monday.