Frank’s kitchen runs like a well-oiled machine. He runs his life a lot like he runs his kitchen. However, things haven't always been like that.

"My life just kept spiraling out of control," Frank Wilson said, the Food Service Manager at the Holland Rescue Mission.

When Frank was in high school he experimented with drugs and alcohol.

"I was starting in the morning. I couldn’t control when I started or when I stopped," said Wilson.

Frank's alcoholism caused him to drop out of college, and lose his job. Eventually landing back home with his parents.

"I started having blackouts, forgetting where I left my car, forgetting what I was supposed to be doing," he continued.

Eventually, Frank wore out his welcome at home as well.

"With a tear in his eye he said 'you need God, Frank,' and he dropped me off," said Wilson. After his dad dropped him off he landed at the Holland Rescue Mission.

"I remember just thinking, so distinctly, just thinking, here I am. I felt hopeless, I felt alone, I felt like nobody really cared about me."

Then, something in Frank shifted.

"Typically, I’d stop by the party store and grab a fifth to get me through the night," he said.

That nightly routine changed, along with his mindset.

"I couldn’t see how desperate I was for sobriety and God. It all had to do with me and my heart."

Frank has been sober for 32 years, and he’s been working at the Mission for 31. His position as the Food Service Manager allows him to use his story to inspire change in other.

"I’m very transparent in my ministry here, so I’m not afraid to tell them where I came from or where I’ve been," Wilson said.

He doesn’t stop there.

"I eventually became a Sunday school teacher, a deacon, and an elder. I didn’t think God would keep me at the mission."

He soon learned he was right where he needed to be.

"The longer I stayed there I realized not only did I need the Mission, but I could help others as well," Wilson said.

Frank has now dedicated his life to improving that of others. Whether it’s serving as a shoulder to lean on, or serving a hot meal, Frank is your man.