Normally it's the media hounding first responders out in the field, trying to gather the facts so we can bring you the news. Today, the media was going against first responders on the field. A wiffle ball field, to be exact.

The wiffle ball game happened in the backyard of a house on Grand Rapids west side, where the homeowners built a ballpark called "Hallow Park." Three separate teams played. One made up of local media personalities, while the other two teams consisted of first responders from the Grand Rapids Police and fire departments. Even Police chief David Rahinsky felt he had to swing by and check it out.

"I think a couple things, i think it makes them feel appreciated the fact that it's being held here is a nice compliment, the fact that we get to beat up on the fire department and the media is even better."

The annual youth wiffle ball tournament at Hallow Park is all day tomorrow. If you're planning to play, you're now encouraged to bring some gently-used baseball equipment to donate, which will be shipped to Haiti to support budding baseball players there.