Police and additional Conservation Officers with the Department of Natural Resources were on patrol at the Grand Haven State Park Tuesday -- they were working to keep alcohol off the beach.

Monday night the beach was closed after a number of fights broke out.

"That was scary," said camper Pat Zoeller. "You could see the crowd getting bigger and bigger."

"Mostly pushing and shoving but there were actually some fights taking place as we disbursed the crowd," said Matt Shaver, Grand Haven State Park Supervisor.

The park called in extra staff to enforce park rules, including not permitting alcoholic beverages on the beach.

"Alcohol is not allowed at this park," said Jeff Rabbers, Michigan Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer.

"Once you remove that from the equation then you just got people out at the beach enjoying the day," added Shaver.

Those at the beach with coolers were subjected to random checks and violators could be ticketed.

"We are typically dumping the alcohol and asking them not to bring it back," said Rabbers.

"It's kind of a bummer for those who drink responsibly but I'm ok with the no alcohol policy in order to keep everyone safe, " says Eric Shipley a beach-goer.

After a busy holiday at the beach -- park managers believe around 10,000 people will spend part of their holiday at their beach -- there's always a lot of litter left. A number of community groups will gather at the Grand Haven State Park Wednesday morning 8:00 a.m. to clean garbage from the beach.

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