An athletic trainer who secretly recorded images of partially-clad clients, including students at Kent City High School, “perverted the art of healing into hurting,’’ a judge said before sentencing Justin Travis Greenlaw to prison.

Greenlaw was accused of secretly recording and taking images of Kent City High School students while providing massages. He was also charged with taking inappropriate photos of two women at a Grand Rapids company which contracted his services.

“You have perverted the art of healing into hurting and the consequence has been painfully obvious,’’ Kent County Circuit Court Judge Dennis Leiber said. “Each of these women were entirely blameless and vulnerable and unsuspecting, and in no way responsible for the harm that you caused.’’

Greenlaw, 27, in October pleaded guilty to two counts of capturing/distributing images of an unclothed person and two counts of using a computer to commit a crime. He entered a no contest plea to fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct for inappropriately touching a client.

Several of Greenlaw’s victims attended Thursday’s sentencing; two told the judge of the far-reaching impact Greenlaw’s criminal behavior has had on their lives.

Greenlaw acknowledged that the consequences of his actions are “far reaching.’’

“This entire experience is difficult for me to find words to express the pain and sorrow I feel for committing these crimes,’’ he told the court. “And I just wanted to say that I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart and soul.’’

Leiber sentenced Greenlaw to serve between 23 months and 7 years for using a computer to commit a crime, 1 to 2 years for fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and 1 to 5 years for capturing/distributing images of an unclothed person. He will serve the three sentences at the same time.

Police got involved in July when two employees of Display Pack in Grand Rapids reported that Greenlaw touched them inappropriately while assisting them with back pain.

Grand Rapids police searched Greenlaw's home and car and found numerous electronic devices that led to charges of surveilling an unclothed person and using a computer to commit a crime. Investigators say he took pictures of women's breasts at the Grand Rapids business.

The Grand Rapids case prompted an investigation into his activities at Kent City High School, where he served as an athletic trainer for about three years. Investigators were able to identify three victims from Kent City schools.