New documents released by the Berrien County Prosecutor's office state that the shooting of an inmate at the courthouse in July was justified and no criminal charges will result.

The inmate killed was 44-year-old Larry Gordon of Coloma, Mich. He was in Berrien County Jail awaiting a court appearance on several charges.

An earlier investigation showed that Gordon disarmed one of the officers working to escort him to a court appearance, according to police. Authorities say he tried to take hostages -- other bailiffs and officers engaged with the suspect before they shot and killed him.

Bailiff Ronald Kienzle and Chief of Courthouse Security Joseph Zangaro were shot and killed by Gordon in the incident. Deputy James Atterberry was also injured in the shooting.

Michigan State Police records show Gordon was charged with kidnapping, sex assault and obstructing police in April 2016.

The report was comprised of interviews with witnesses to the shooting, courthouse video and letters written by Larry Gordon.

You can read the full report here.