The trial of Sean Phillips, accused of killing his daughter "Baby Kate," continued Monday.

This morning, Oct. 3, the prosecutor called Ludington Police officer Tony Custer to the stand to testify. The officer told jurors about his efforts to locate Phillips on June 29, 2011, following the disappearance of Phillips' daughter, Katherine.

Her body has never been found; Phillips is charged with open murder in her death.

Jurors learned that as police questioned Phillips about Katherine's whereabouts, Phillips said he wasn't telling them the whole truth -- they found Kate's clothes jammed into the pocket of his shorts.

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In the trunk of his car, police located her car seat and diaper bag.

The search started right after Ariel Courtland reported Phillips drove away with their daughter "Baby Kate" in his car. The officer says about two hours later, Phillips was located at his parents home.

The trial is expected to last for the rest of this week and next, too.