A man accused in the strangulation death of a woman he considered his girlfriend admitted to attacking the victim because he thought she was going to leave him for another man, a detective testified Wednesday, Nov. 16.

“He did not want her to leave because he explained to me he would not know when he would see her again,’’ Wyoming police detective Robert Robinson testified. “In his mind, she was leaving to go be with this other man.’’

Raul Perez tried to stop 31-year-old Karla Guadalupe Magana from leaving his apartment at 1484 44th St. SW east of Burlingame Avenue SW. A fight ensued and Perez admitted to strangling her in the living room.

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Wyoming police found Magana’s naked body in the bathroom covered by a towel. Perez was found asleep in bed.

Wyoming District Court Judge Pablo Cortes on Wednesday ruled there was enough evidence to send the case to trial.

Perez, 43, who was in the country illegally, is charged with open murder for the Oct. 26 slaying.

His daughter testified that she took Perez to pick up Magana earlier that evening. All appeared to be fine when she dropped them off at his apartment, she said. Raul Perez called her about 4 a.m. to say he had done something “really bad,’’ daughter Kimberly Perez testified.

“He just says ‘oh, I did something really bad.’ And I’m like what are you taking about? And he’s like ‘oh, I killed the lady that we went to pick up,’’’ Kimberly Perez testified. “He’s like, 'just know that I love you and I’m sorry.’’'

Kimberly Perez said she then called Wyoming police. Officers accompanied Perez to her father’s apartment. Raul Perez was found asleep and the victim’s naked body was found covered with a towel in the bathroom.

During an interview with police, Raul Perez said Magana expressed her desire to see other people, Robinson testified.

“In his opinion, that was his girlfriend and they were strictly with each other,’’ he told the court. “When she expressed the fact that she wanted to see other people but she still loved him, he said that escalated things.’’

Perez said he and Magana reconciled and had sex, Robinson testified. When she left the bedroom to take a phone call, he followed her into the living room and a confrontation ensued, the detective testified, recalling his interview with Perez.

“He said she was very strong, she fought hard,’’ Robinson testified. “They ended up exchanging blows. He said at some point, he put both his hands around her neck and he killed her.’’