The second week of the "Baby Kate" trial in Mason County has ended.

Prosecutors continue building their case against Sean Phillips. He's the father of Katherine Phillips. She has not been seen since 2011.

Phillips is charged with open murder in connection to the disappearance of Katherine.

Friday, Oct. 7, jurors heard from a man who served time in prison with Phillips.

Rashaun Burton says in 2012 he and Sean were friends, and they talked for hours nearly every day. At the time, Burton and Phillips were serving prison sentences at the Carson City Correctional Facility. Burton was there on a drug conviction. Phillips was doing 10-years for the unlawful imprisonment of "Baby Kate."

Burton says one day he and Sean were talking about paternity cases two-male celebrities were in when Sean made an unsolicited admission.

"He had a baby that was not his," said Burton. According to Burton, Phillips said the child's mother had been sleeping around.

"He picked the baby up and got rid of the baby," said Burton. He says Sean didn't get angry, but his face was red.

Baby Kate and Sean Phillips

Burton says Phillips ended the statement by saying, "They can't charge me because they'll never find the baby."

Burton informed the Michigan Attorney General's Office about the conversation months after it happened, and only after being transferred to a different prison.

When asked why he came forward with the information, Burton says it was a decision he reached only after prayer.

"It was weighing on me," said Burton. "God told me to do the right thing, and that was the right thing to do."

Burton testified he didn't get any favors for the testimony and that he never asked for any deals from the Michigan Attorney General's Office.

Phillips' defense attorney's say Burton got in trouble often while in prison and they want to use prison disciplinary records during cross-examination.

Attorneys couldn't reach an agreement Friday afternoon on what portions of Burton's prison records could be used -- so jurors were sent home and told to return Monday morning.

The judge, prosecutor and defense are expected to reached an agreement by Monday morning as to what questions the defense will be allowed to ask Burton during cross-examination.