Davenport University students and parents were surprised to learn about an on-campus shooting, which occurred inside one of the school's residence halls around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 23.

"I didn’t think it could happened at Davenport University," said Brenda Gary, who has a freshman daughter living inside the same hall where the shooting occurred. "I was a little shocked and concerned."

Deputies said the shooting followed an argument between two students and four other individuals. Early reports indicated five shots were fired and one bullet went through a wall of the dorm room and subsequently struck another student in the hand.

The suspects fled the scene, but authorities and campus security are following up on several leads.

"We have pretty thorough coverage with [security] cameras," said Matt Miller, Davenport University's executive director of risk management. He added that students and their guests can only gain access to residence halls through security card access.

"I hope they get a lot more security on campus," Gary said. "And maybe pass out badges to visitors."

The university notified students and their respective emergency contacts of the shooting via email, text and automated phone calls.