A neighbor of Sean Phillips took the stand Oct. 4, to testify about what he saw the day baby Kate disappeared.

Phillips is charged with his daughter's murder. She disappeared in 2011. but authorities never found her body.

The neighbor, Christopher Merriman, described the gravel road that his home and the Phillips home is on. He said it eventually becomes a two-track, and that while working on a lawn mower the afternoon of June 29, 2011-- he watched Sean drive past his home.

"I'd say a little fast for road conditions, but it was not super fast," Merriman said.

Merriman placed Sean near his parent's home that afternoon. The day Kate was last seen.

Merriman said Sean drove past and back onto a two-track. That wasn't unusual. The Phillips family often traveled that rough road. But Merriman said Phillips then went past his home again.

Merriman searched his 20 acres of property in the days following Kate's disappearance.

He didn't locate anything unusual. Police took into evidence the clothes Phillips was wearing the day he was arrested. Jurors learned they didn't find any blood on the shorts, shirt, or shoes.

Another witness, Ellen Montgomery who resides at Birch Lake Apartments told the jury she saw Phillips between 1:00-2:00 p.m.

Montgomery lived at the same apartment complex as Ariel. She heard a disturbance outside her apartment.

"Two people, one on each side of the vehicle, hollering and waving their hands like they were made," Montgomery said.

She testified it was Ariel and Sean. But under cross-examination admitted she may have learned it was Sean only after watching news reports about 'Baby Kate'. She also added that she did not see Kate and did not know if the child was in the vehicle.

The trial resumes again Wednesday, Oct. 5.