Morgan Spurlock submitted a Hollywood confessional on Wednesday, revealing his own tales of sexual misconduct in the workplace — and outside of it.

The Super Size Me documentarian, who recently sold his sequel Holy Chicken! to YouTube Red for $3.5 million, said that as he watches "hero, man after man, fall at the realization of their past indiscretions, I don’t sit by and wonder 'who will be next?' I wonder, 'when will they come for me?' "

That fear prompted Spurlock, 47, to tell all in a lengthy Twitter post.

"I’m sure I’m not alone in this thought, but I can’t blindly act as though I didn’t somehow play a part in this, and if I’m going (to) truly represent myself as someone who has built a career on finding the truth, then it’s time for me to be truthful as well," he wrote. "I am part of the problem."

In his post, Spurlock details:

A sexual encounter in college that ended with his female partner claiming rape.

Calling a former female employee "hot pants" and "sex pants" in the office and paying her a settlement when she quit.

Having been "unfaithful to every wife and girlfriend I have ever had."

That he started drinking at age 13 and hasn't been sober "for more than a week in 30 years."

His motive remains unclear: Is Spurlock purely trying to take responsibility for his actions? Get ahead of new allegations? Preserve his reputation as a documentarian? Reassure investors, like those at CBS and A&E?

Some on Twitter were skeptical.

"Good strategic move to get ahead of what you knew would ultimately be revealed. You are the problem. Now, become part of the solution. What will you do other than owning the behavior. What will you do to empower women and aid their success?" wrote Bo Young Lee.

"So do better. Donate your name, time, and money into getting more women in office," wrote @RedFoxHeart.

Others gave him kudos.

"Being aware is a beginning. Good luck going forward. Make amends," wrote @landis_melissa.

"Thank you for your honesty and bravery," wrote @pineapple_bobb44.

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