Maybe it's a glitch. Maybe it's a way to get you to optimize your Facebook more to your liking.

Either way, it's jarring to all of a sudden see this message at the top of your Facebook page:

Remembering Sonia DG: We hope people who love Sonia will find comfort in the things others share to remember and celebrate her life.

No, I'm not dead Facebook.

And after a pretty crazy week (there was this thing called the election and I'm a journalist) I'm exhausted, but not dead.

Memorialized accounts normally only exist after a family member or friend notifies Facebook that you've died.

I really hope Facebook is trying to help us optimize our settings for when we do die, but this is still weird.

People on Twitter also seem freaked out about being memorialized:

Some people believe it's because of their political postings that they've been killed off by other Facebook users:

I've sent a message to them hoping for a response... we'll see what they say.