You may have heard about a national shortage of real Christmas trees and how that could mean higher prices for anyone who wants an authentic tree in their home.

It's good news for us here in Michigan. The state is not experiencing any shortage of trees, however Armintrout's West Michigan Farms says there is certainly a larger demand this year.

Armintrout's West Michigan Christmas Tree Farms ships nationwide.

"For Christmas trees we do about 6,000 out of state," Zachary Armintrout said.

Ninety percent of the trees are sent out by Thanksgiving.

"After that we get calls for resupply to the lots and we also sell to you cut farms that might want to supplement with some precut trees so right now the trees that were bailing are resupply. so people that have sold out and want more trees," Armintrout said.

While resupplying isn't a new thing, Armintrout does see an increase in tree demand.

"Our trees go all over the country, they go to Colorado, to Chicago, but we've had a few more customers from people who have called who said their supplier could not handle what they wanted this year," Armintrout said.

It takes eight years to bring a tree to market.

"When you look back eight years ago, you know 2009- 2010, the economy was really down so people were planting less trees then," Armintrout said.

Which means the earlier you get your tree, the more likely you'll find the perfect one.

"There are going to be trees that you can get when you go to your normal place to get trees whether it's a you cut farm or a store but if you go late you might have to choose a different variety than you might normally choose," Armintrout said.

He says here in Michigan, you shouldn't have a problem finding the tree you want, but you may not see as many of those pop up corner lots this time of year.

So whether you cut the tree yourself or choose one already bailed and ready to go, the earlier you get out there and find one, the better.

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