We've said "the wait may be over soon" so many times that you probably don't believe us at this point. But...We'll just let the facts speak for themselves.

It's been more than three weeks now since the world became captivated by April, a pregnant 15-year-old giraffe at Animal Adventure Park, in Harpursvile, N.Y.

We've watched April eat. We've watched April sleep. We've watched April playfully interact with her calf's father, Oliver. We've watched her stand there. For hours. (Click here to watch the live stream)

Many times it has appeared that the watch would end soon. But here we are. Still watching. Still waiting.

But, on Sunday night, keepers at the park posted, "'holy smokes' baby is sticking out. It is very evident in visual observations that the calf is moving up and sticking out! All are happy with progress, we are not in labor at this time."

Then again, by Monday, the park posted, "Keeper report is that belly/baby continue to stay towards the back end. Observation over night peaked our interest a few times, but nothing to report just yet. April is eating but not as ravenous as days prior."

In a Monday night post, the park elaborated on how difficult it is to predict when we might see the little calf.

"Predicting these things is next to impossible, so I go by physical and behavioral changes that the staff and I observe each day. In theory, that helps us kind of hone in on a window where she could go into labor... unlike a dog, cat, human, horse, cow, goat, etc there simply isn't enough consistent data to say tomorrow she'll go into labor. When you are working with a world-wide spectacle you can imagine how aggravating that is. So today not much in the physical change department but behaviorally she is a little off. She didn't come running over when I got there and took a bit of coaxing to kiss the camera for carrots after my visit."

In Tuesday morning's update, the park posted, "We would like to think we are in the home stretch - but of course keep our opinions and thoughts to ourselves (as we have been wrong before)."

So it could be today. It could be tomorrow. It could be next week. Just enjoy the ride while it's happening.

(Click here to watch the live stream)

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In the meantime, here are photos a cute baby giraffe born a couple of weeks ago in Denver:

And some other cute April moments: