A chilling 9-1-1 call recording between a 16-year-old and dispatch played out inside Judge Marietti's courtroom on Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017, the call occurred just minutes after the teen escaped abduction by Jeffrey Willis.

The first half of Tuesday's testimonies recounted different vantage points of what unraveled on April, 26, 2016 - the day Willis attempted to kidnap a now 17-year-old girl. The girl, referred to as MJN in court, took the stand and identified Willis as the man who chased her with a gun, after attempting to lock her in his car.

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But the afternoon testimonies shifted from a rehashing of that day in 2016 -- to a look into the investigation process: how law enforcement narrowed down their search for a silver minivan to Willis' vehicle, and what they found inside it once a search warrant was conducted.

U.S. Secret Service Agent Ryan Heethuis took the stand to explain his part in helping to identify the silver van captured in several frames of surveillance video collected from an area blueberry farmer and a gas station.

Heethuis said he worked alongside Chrysler to help narrow the search of who owned the silver minivan, but when cross examined, Heethuis said that Chrysler was most likely not the only manufactured to make a silver van.

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Following the lunch recess, the owner of a local car wash confirmed that a receipt for an oil change was provided to Willis the day of April 26, 2016. The indication that Willis received an oil change conflicted with his initial statements made to police when they arrested him for attempted kidnapping.

The defense clarified that those interviews fell at least 30 days following the incident.

"Do you always recall what you were doing 30 days prior?" Defense Attorney Fred Johnson asked of the witness, Detective Matt Schultz of Muskegon County Sheriff's Department.

Schultz included in his testimony that he found .22 caliber bullets on the road where Willis chased the 16-year-old.

The acknowledgement of that fact became more clear when a Michigan State Police detective took the stand.

Sgt. Tom Flowers was part of a mobile crime lab developed to conduct a search warrant on Willis' silver van.

Inside the van officers found the following within a locked toolbox: two video cameras, handcuffs with chains, leather strap with a ball attached, rope, steel pole, restraints, pair of gloves, jar of lube, battery powered sex toy, empty prescription bottle, two polaroids, two pieces of papers with names and addresses, another sex toy, set of keys.

Flowers said they found a Century safe lock box also in the vehicle containing blue medical type gloves and CCI .22 caliber ammunition.

Detective Peterson, who was present for the search of Willis' home, identified evidence entered into the case by the prosecutor, one of those items being a pair of underwear wrapped in tin foil found inside a plastic bag in Willis' shed.

The final witness to take the stand, Detective Zachary Sparks of MSP, was responsible for conducting a search warrant at the home of Willis' deceased grandfather. Willis is the only one with keys to the home on Bailey Street.

Sparks said he discovered a note with the following words written on it:

Clothes: shirt, pants, underwear, and her panties, socks, shoes, hoodie, coat?

Wallet, watch, keys, phone

Small camera, big camera, small tripod?, big tripod?, gas can, matches, lube

Video from house if any, crowbar

Kit: (2) Handcuffs and keys

Restraint bar, hood, (2) ball gags

Restraint board? tool box, locks, keys, gloves, tape, washcloth

Vibrator bullet, neck restraint, back of rubber gloves,

*vibrator bag - vibrator - batteries (2) - condom - french tickler

zip ties (19 small) (7 big) *needles (4)

Sparks said he took the note to a handwriting expert along with notes written by Willis. He said the expert determined Willis did write the note found in the Bailey Street home.

Sparks said he also discovered quite a few different bleach products (liquid and powder) in the home.

The court adjourned around 5:40 p.m. and will convene around 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2017.

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