You may remember in 2010 when the city launched its first ever application with four different service options to choose from. Now after a bit of a face lift and some technology, the city has unveiled it's newest app.

"We felt since it has been seven years that it was time to update that and kind of introduce some improvements into the application," Grand Rapids digital team Zac Thiel said.

Based off of your requests and feedback, there's now 11 service types to choose from.

"It''s much more responsive and instantaneous because the departments are able to directly communicate back to customers," Thiel said.

It cuts out the middle man.

"The request goes directly from our residents and customers to the department that handle them," Thiel said.

You can check the status of your requests.

"So you'll see you submitted a request and it'll be marked that it was received and the department when they address that request will mark it completed and send a note back to you with a comment saying 'hey we took care of this, let us know if you need anything else,'" Thiel said.

The community police officers have committed to acknowledging your request within one day, and finding a solution within seven days.

"We do feel we're making it easier for people to make these reports and we're really relying on the community to be our eyes and ears on the street and let us know when something needs attention."

For instructions on how to use the app, click here.

There is still the option of visiting city hall to submit a request or by calling. However the app is free for all Android and iPhone devices and you can check the status on all of your pending requests.

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