A soccer match on a baseball field. That's how the Grand Rapid's Football Club played against their first international team on Saturday.

"There's one corner over there that has partly dirt which is going to effect the way the ball bounces, the way the ball rolls, speed up, play and everything in that area and the players have to be very careful that they don't step on it wrong and break an ankle," Grand Army member and GRFC fan Rob Shafer said.

It's never been done at the ballpark.

"We thought with the success the soccer, GRFC's been having the last couple of years, we thought it would be a great opportunity to bring a soccer game to the ballpark," Facility Events Manager at Fifth Third Ballpark Mike Klint said.

The hardest part came first.

"The first step is removing the mound which is quite the process, it takes about one to two days to get the mound removed," Klint said.

Then came adding the lines.

"The guys from GRFC came out and assisted us with that process," Klint said.

Not only was it a first for Fifth Third, but GRFC was for the first time, playing against an international team, Aurora United Football Club from Canada.

"It's the first time we're playing some international competition which is really really cool, something we get to build ties with, with Canada and hopefully with other clubs in our future," Shafer said.

"It was certainly a unique experience for both GRFC and Fifth Third Ballpark. GRFC ended up winning the gam, 10-1.